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PDT Armour Coating specialises in complete roof restorations. Subsequent to our restoration your roof will look like new! PDT Armour Coating also provides expert roof cleaning that can be done to enhance the appearance of your roof and to remove unsightly and damaging debris.

PDT Armour Coating can clean your roof professionally. Our services can be done in conjunction with a roof restoration, or as an individual job to enhance the appearance of your home or office building.

As the premier roof cleaning and Restoration Company in Brisbane and the surrounding area we are experts in removing unsightly lichen, algae, and moss from the roofs of all kinds of structures. If your roof is left unattended, this growth can result in damaged tiles, resulting in leaks and blocked gutters and drain pipes, which will cause further problems.

When PLDT Armour Coating cleans your roof we do the following:

  1. Make sure your roof is entirely watertight and replace tiles that are broken and repair flashing as needed
  2. Inhibit re-growth by applying a steriliser
  3. Clean your roof with a high pressure water system
  4. Pressure clean gutters and remove debris from the roof and gutters
  5. Clean all pathways, walls, and gutters

Keeping your roof well maintained and clean will protect the entire building structure and your belongings as well.


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