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At PDT Armour coating we specialise in all types of interior and exterior painting. This includes interior walls, ceilings, and trim and all types of exterior surfaces.

First, we carefully prepare the surface to be painted using one of several Dulux products that are designed to achieve stellar results on all commonly used interior surfaces.
If your walls are stained, we block the stains using a Dulux Preplock product. For those concerned about VOCs, we can also use Dulux low VOC products.
For your interior topcoat we normally use DULUX Wash and Wear paints. These are very high quality paints that are designed to stand up to all the abuse that growing families with pets can dish out.
These top quality paints have been designed specially to resist mould and bacterial growth on walls.
For your exterior needs we also make use of the full range of Dulux exterior products, which are applied by our professional painters, in order to achieve excellent finished results. We have products, and professionals that can re-paint all common surfaces including cement sheet, concrete, masonry, metal, and timber.



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