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NEW – We now accept payment via selected cryptocurrencies for those consumers who prefer to conduct business this way. We do this because we recognise your choice and are more than happy to be paid in selected currencies like Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, Ethereum Classic ETC, Ripple XRP.

If your roof, home, or driveway appear tired and worn, PDT Armour Coating can be of assistance in making your home a possession you can be proud of. We have great expertise in roof restorations and we can clean, rebed & repoint all types of tile roofs and restore your entire roof the state it was in when new.

We are also experts in all types of concrete resurfacing and sealing along with sealing epoxy flake floors. In addition we specialise in lead and asbestos abatement.

In short, we offer a full service for all of your roofing, coating, and protective coating needs for both residential and commercial applications. We help to preserve and protect your property and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

PDT Armour Coatings is not affiliated with any manufactures that locks us in to use particular products and preventing us from using the best products for your job, or products that you request. We primarily use Taubmans, Dulux, Industrial Roof Coatings and Shield Coat products.

Why do we use products from so many different companies? Because it is better for you the consumer. Each of these brands has some great products, but they may also have other products where a competitors is a better option. Blindly saying that we will only use products made by a particular company limits our ability to provide you the customer, with the highest quality end result.

PDT Armour Coating is based in Brisbane’s Bayside, in Alexandra Hills. We specialise in the following services:

• Roof Cleaning
• Rebedding and Repointing
• Roof Restoration
• Concrete Resurfacing
• Epoxy Flake Floors
• Concrete Sealing
• Colour Sealing
• Lead Abatement
• Asbestos Encapsulation
• Texture and Bagging Finishes
• Interior Exterior Repaints
• Protective Coatings


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